Organic Search Results

Over the last decade, Google's user interface has been changing. When you look at the results presented after a search today, the information is different, and it is laid out differently. The most noticeable change is the addition of paid advertisements at the top and bottom of a page. Before, when searching sites like Google, the only result that would come up would be natural based on your search query. Today, advertisers can pay to be placed at the top of a search engine. The first few result at the top and bottom of a Google search are paid ads, and the middle ten results are considered organic results.

Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines create proprietary algorithms that search the entire Internet when individuals do searches. The searches look for websites that contain relevant content, are safe, and legitimate. Results that come up this way are considered organic

When compared paid advertisements on search engines, organic results tend to offer better outcomes. These include:

  1. Because organic results come up naturally, there is not need to continue to pay for their placement. On Google, once an ad payment is over the ad is immediately removed.
  2. Studies show that online shoppers trust organic results more than paid advertisements. A company or business is more likely to get a click and sale as a result of strong organic placement.

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