Top Three Tips for Local Marketing on Staten Island

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How well do you know Staten Island? Just because you live and own a business in a small town does not mean you understand your community and what those people want. To reach the largest amount of people, you first must know what they are searching for.  Below, we want to go over a few important tips to help you understand and market to your local community.

Even though promoting a business online is the future of advertising, ads in local publications and radio stations are still viable. The reach of local newspapers and radio stations is much larger than advertising on social media, handing out flyers, or creating beautiful sign displays. People tend to remember ads and jingles they hear on the radio. Depending on the market, pricing varies for promoting a business in print or on the radio.

Local business owners might not see the Internet as a local way to connect with a community because the net has a worldwide reach. When done right, the internet marketing focuses on national and local campaigns.  Pay-per-click ads and search engine optimization allow business owners to market to specific towns, cities, villages, communities, and more. Internet marketing is a highly specific field that allows the business owner to decide who sees their ads and when. The best SEO company Staten Island has customizes local internet marketing to meet your business goals.

Be proactive with your social media posting. Most people like to see a business/service by looking through their social media posts and pictures. When done correctly, social media is a great way to connect with people in your community. It is important to approach social media posting with care and a plan because bad and infrequent posting can do more harm than good.

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